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Few words about me

I'm a candid wedding photographer based in Allahbad, India. I'm a storyteller who loves to cover weddings from start to finish while capturing all the emotions and moments as they happen. Over the years I've honed on my style of photography to get a mix of candid and documentary style with modern and romantic touch to it. So if you are looking for photos that will bring a smile on your face even after ten years, I'm your man. I'll travel anywhere in India or across world where your story takes me. Explore my website.If you like what you see & want this for your wedding, I'd love to hear from you about your plans!

What Our Clients Say....!!!.

  • I am an old-school girl who still values and loves photographs more than videos and each and every photo you took tells a little story about our wedding day. That is exactly what we wanted from our wedding photographs and you made it happen! I love the getting-ready photos, our couple photos and the vidhi photos and the sangeet photos (so animated and lively!). So basically I am trying to tell you that I LOVED all of them ????  
    Anuja and Harshal
  • We have gotten some unbelievable comments from friends and family; they say we look like we are in a movie, out of a magazine etc. I am so happy that we chose you as our wedding photographer. You have done a fabulous job in capturing our most special day in a way that we will truly appreciate and admire. You are really talented!!!
  • Our wedding pictures look like a dream..!! We are falling in love all over again.We were so looking forward to these photos and you made the wait totally worthwhile.